We really love dogs and making them happy!

We have three dogs at home, and we were looking for natural, limited ingredient treats to start giving them. Through lots of trial and error we were able to come up with some pretty awesome ones. We want our dogs and yours, to be happy and healthy! We hope you will try some of ours, because they are Pawsitively Wagalicious!

Crunchy Green Bean Bites

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Rescue Dog Olympics!

We will be a vendor at a very special event March 17th. The event is called the Rescue Dog Olympics. This event celebrates rescue dogs. There are v...

Treat Spotlight: Steak and Tater Chews

    Here's a little info on our most popular chew! These dehydrated sweet potatoes are soaked in beef bone broth. They are all natural treats, ma...
Why we started this business

Why we started this business

We have always been passionate about animals. Our four, fur children can attest to that. After graduating from college, that passion led me to purs...